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The author’s work is consolidated for years in the Italian and foreign market, and there have been reported works of dubious authenticity. Therefore those who saw fit to have a true artist can apply directly to us. Authentic is totally free by making an appointment at the studio, bringing the work with at least two good quality photos, preferably in black and white.
In the case of authentic off-site indicate the location. The artist or one of his collaborators, as part of their movement, can make an appointment at the collector will nevertheless acquire photographs as above.

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Interventions paintings

In case of accidents or other causes may have caused damage to the paintings, we are available to assist in any restoration.
It accurately describes the nature of the damage, enclosing photographs exhaustive and we will give you guidance on possible interventions.

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Information and mailing list

Who wants to be briefed on the ongoing activities, updating the website, on new exhibits or receive images of new paintings and information about them, please indicate your email and the type of interest. Remains firmly committed to the cancellation in case of request.

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