Alberto Bertoldi

Alberto Bertoldi was born on 1955 in Luserna San Giovanni, in the Turin area. The mountain landscape which surrounds him in his childhood – first in the Canavese area, then in the Piacenza area- triggers his sensiblity and his imagination. He expresses the powerful emotions he gets from the observation of nature through painting, which he approaches with his father’s encouragement. He attends the technical schools and he passionately devotes himself to painting, telling with colours his soul’s vibrations on the canvas.

After secondary school, Bertoldi gets married and starts working while still studying. He meets surrealist artist Leone Garriano, whose landscapes and references to classical painting he particularly admires. Thanks to him, he prepares his first solo-artist exhibition in 1973. This is for Bertoldi a period of extraordinary curiosity and fervent experimentation. Bertoldi also meets Piacenza-born artist Cinello Losi and regularly visits his studio.

Encouraged by Gino Moro from the Brera Academy, he starts attending the Nude School. In the following ten years he feverishly devotes himself to the refinement of his technique and he visits numerous European exhibitions and museums, besides preparing several exhibitions of his works.

A fundamental event takes place in his life at the age of 37: the artsit decides to give up teaching and to devote himself entirely to painting. It is a step which he feels as a “need”, and he gets important results. In the early Nineties he opens a studio in Piacenza and he starts his collaboration with the Braga Art Gallery.

His experiments quickly follow one another and the artist comes to a clear-cut definition of his language in his landscapes. The year 1996 opens with his first solo-artist exhibition nearly entirely consisiting of landscapes, with a catalogue edited by Stefano Fugazza. The clouds, which even restrict the space in the distance, become the real protagonists of his paintings.

It is in this period that he gets in touch with art gallery manager and antique dealer Igino Consigli from Parma and, through him, with Federico Zeri: both of them encourage him in his research.

In this period he works intensively. He works with the Bugno Art Gallery in Venice and he gets several important awards. In 1998 the Braga Art Gallery in Piacenza mounts an extensive solo-artist exhibition of his works with a catalogue published by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Piacenza edited by Gianfranco Bruno, with precious poetic contributions by his friend Maurizio Agnellini. At Etruria Arte (LI) he is awarded twice (Purchase Award and Solo-Artist Exhibition Award at the Forni Gallery in Bologna), in 1998 and in 1999.

In January 2000 the Bugno Art Gallery organizes an extensive solo-artist exhibition of his works, with a catalogue titled “The Impossible Elsewhere” edited by Flavio Arensi. In the same year ambassador Onu Gerti Tauchhammer organizes the “Society Redaktionfest” in Vienna and Bertodi’s works are exhibited along with those by artist Ernst Fuchs in an important exhibition.

His exhibition activity increases all over Italy, with catalogues and presentations edited by Domenico Montalto, Agostino De Rosa, Alberto Agazzani, Giorgio Soavi. Bertoldi takes part in lectures, the most important of which is at the IUAV University in Venice. In the same period he collaborates more intensively with Art’è, an organization for which he works exclusively until 2005.

The year 2006 is characterized by an extensive retrospective exhibition, edited by Beatrice Buscaroli, at the Museo di Villa Breda, in Padua. The catalogue includes, among others, texts by Ruggero Pierantoni, Luca Mercalli, Gherardo degli Azzoni Avogadro, Maurizio Agnellini and poetess Alda Merini.

Numerous exhibitions follow: a solo-artist exhibition at the London Great Art Fair, a retrospective exhibition at the Museo-Fondazione “Un Paese”, with an important monographic study (contributions by Ruggero Pierantoni, Renzo Margonari and Giulio Mozzi).

Bertoldi is increasingly appreciated abroad.From 2010 his activity abroad focuses on the collaboration with the Galerie de l’Europe in Paris.he also exhibits his works at the Edinburgh Artery Gallery and at the Dallas Hermitage Gallery.

In 2011 he takes part in the Venice Biennale, supervised by Vittorio Sgarbi, in the Emilia-Romagna section.

In recent years Bertoldi prepares solo exhibitions in Italy and abroad, mainly at Foundations, Banks and Museums.

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